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HEART HEADED | Smells like : Cashmere vanilla x Santal

jsb skin + Heartheaded Collaboration with Siya 

Smells like : Cashmere vanilla x Santal

Each Heartheaded candle will come with a limited edition autographed top from Siya and her Heartheaded club company. 

Siya candle scent heartheaded may vary in color, red is her favorite color however depending on her vibe she may hand pour a heartheaded candle with black accents. So please be advised candle color may vary.

Our coconut wax candle provides the cleanest burn possible. This 100% natural wax base never collects soot, exudes fragrance, and is made from food-grade certified coconut oil. hand crafted and hand poured in Los Angeles, CA 

Our natural coconut wax blend candles are Vegan, Free of Beeswax, Paraben Free, Non GMO Coconut, Food Grade Certified Coconut Oil, Sustainable wax base, Essential oil blends. 

We add an exotic blend of fragrance oil to curate the perfect scent to help set your vibe.

Hand poured in Los Angeles, Ca 


Product Details: 

21 matte black safety matches included in glass jar 

9.5oz frosted reusable glass jar with wood top. 

8oz hand pour 

Burn Time : 80 plus hour 

Coconut wax scented candle 


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