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About Us
Jsb Skin is a Black owned natural skin cosmetics line founded by Denai Blackshire. She started her journey in the beauty industry with modeling, acting and competing in the Miss California pageant. Becoming her own Boss and taking control of her finances motivated her journey as an entrepreneur. Denai Blackshrie has successful scaled her six figure Business Jsb Beauty by helping other entrepreneurs become their own boss and build their own brand by offering training courses in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gems. She created an online training program that teaches the fundamentals and process for both services. This successful platform has allowed her to not only create more jobs for women and men, but also connect and relate to the minority community on an intimate level. She used her connection and audience gained fromJ Jsb Beauty inc. to expand her brand and create a product for the every day consumer. Adult acne became present is Denai's life as she struggled to be comfortable in her own skin again. While on her own silk skin journey she planned to use her background and license in aesthetics to expand her brand for the everyday consumer, and offer them with the very products that helped her achieve her healthy skin. With her passion in skin care and beauty Jsb Skin was founded.